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YMWIC Foundation, Inc., offers five academic Scholar groups for students in Grades 3 through 12. Aligned with the Foundation’s Mission, Scholar groups and activities aim to bridge the gap between academic study and real life by providing opportunities, projects, and challenges that simulate real-world experiences. All of the Foundation-based programs are available to the Scholars during the school year and summer enrichment events. 

The Future Stars, Pluto, and Neptune Scholar Programs are designed to increase students’ appreciation for math and science through hands-on projects that demonstrate the fun and challenging side of these subjects. Technical workshops in STEM are administered by staff or partners so that Scholars can gain deeper insight and exposure to these careers and opportunities. Jupiter and Saturn Scholars participate in more leadership, college, and career-readiness activities as they prepare to transition to their post high school pathways. All Scholars complete scientific research projects to prepare them for the rigor of the STEM undergraduate curriculum. By embracing the YMWIC Credo, each Scholar is reminded about accountability and the importance of giving back. 

3 Pillars of our Program

The PASOST Program is a College Readiness and Career Exposure Program for 3rd-12th grades with meetings after school, on Saturdays, and during the summer. Components of the PASOST are below:

Scholars in the YMWIC Workplace & Career Readiness program have the same foundation as Scholars in our Pre-College Program. This Program includes our Job Shadowing, Internships and Job Placement Programs. Jupiter and Saturn Scholars (10-12th grades) will have Job Shadowing opportunities with our Partners. Senior Scholars (12th grade) and Alumni participate in Internships with our Partners to gain valuable workplace experience. In addition, YMWIC continues to provide programming and financial assistance to Alumni during their time in college and after they graduate college and embark on their career path.

The Pre-Apprenticeship Program is available for high school Seniors and Graduates who choose to attend community college or pursue a technical career path, consists of Saturday workshops with our Partners and an 8-week Summer Internship Program. The primary objective of this pathway is employment in a skilled, high-paying job that may not require a college degree. STEM positions are the focus, but career paths may also include Finance, Information Technology and Cyber Security, Human Resources, Manufacturing and Production, and Health and Medical Technology.

High school Seniors who participate in this training may directly enter the workforce after graduating from high school, pursue a two-year degree or technical certificate, or gain additional apprenticeship training with pay, administered by one of our Partners. High School Graduates who are looking to advance or enter into the careers listed above may also participate in this Program.

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