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Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Leaders

Our Mission

To empower and prepare economically disadvantaged and historically underrepresented youth to excel and become leaders in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) careers through academic tutoring, mentoring and financial assistance programs accomplished by leveraging alliances with K-12 school districts, universities, corporations, and our committed partners.

Our Core Values

We Believe we can significantly impact the future of our youth through education and extraordinary leadership.

We Value Commitment, Honor and Accountability and through these principles we are dedicated to the tradition of excellence in serving our youth, our partners and our community.

We Promote Engagement and Collaboration by treating all people with respect and sincerity to create an environment of openness where shared success can be achieved.

We Demonstrate Quality by working efficiently and effectively to continuously improve our programs for the benefit of our scholars.


Our Committed Funders

Our committed funders help us fulfill our mission. We are so thankful to these organizations for their support. We wouldn’t be able to change the lives of these scholars without them. Many of these organizations not only give financial support, but they assist with the facilitation, administration and implementation of our programs. They help us to develop innovative ways to expose and stimulate our youth to pursue careers in STEM.

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