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YMWIC February 2023 Newsletter: A Month of History and Service

YMWIC February 2023 Newsletter: A Month of History and Service

Quote of the Month

“Everybody can be great, because everybody can serve.”
— Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Message from Our CEO

Hello, YMWIC Supporters:

Because of our continuing success and support of community, YMWIC is creating our place in history. Foundation graduates have become our history as they completed their their college degrees, some in four years or less, and began successful careers as professionals in the workforce. In this Black History Month, YMWIC continues to build a lasting legacy one Scholar at a time.

A commitment to service and giving back is built into the YMWIC culture. Our Scholars are required to participate in Community Service events within their chapters and to be of service to those with needs within their community. This helps them understand the importance of empathy for others, service for the less fortunate, civic responsibility and the requirement to help in any way they can.

We know the activities they take part in and their acts of kindness will have a lasting impact on their lives. We not only want our Scholars to do well academically at every educational level and their future careers, we also want them to be productive and civic-minded citizens.

We ask you to join us as we help shape the lives of our Scholars, the next generation of STEM and community leaders. Your generosity will have a far-reaching impact by supporting our unparalleled programming. We invite you to become a YMWIC volunteer, partner and/or donor. Together we can be a positive influence on our Scholars and, through them, our communities.

With gratitude,

Richard Roberts, III
(610) 340-2844

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