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November 2022 News – Reminder: We are Thankful

November 2022 News – Reminder: We are Thankful

Quote of the Month

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
— Anthony J. D’Angelo

Message from Our CEO

Happy holidays, YMWIC Supporter:

We at YMWIC are passionate about our mission and the support we provide for our Scholars. Each year, we closely examine our programs to determine how we can improve the offerings to our Scholars and their families and what new, impactful experiences and learning opportunities should be added. We are thankful for you, each of our donors and supporters and especially grateful to Toyota for providing funding recently so Scholars could enjoy a private movie screening experience—a new, impactful learning activity.

We are also passionate about preparing for and keeping pace with the growth of our program. Because of a strong interest and need, the new Philadelphia Chapter will be off to a promising start. With anticipation, we look forward to launching our second Philadelphia location next year. We will support this new chapter of first-generation college-bound Scholars through college graduation until each secures a professional position. Our expectation is that many of these Scholars, like Scholars in other chapters, will also graduate from college within four years.

Ultimately, our goal is to instill in our Scholars a desire or passion for life, learning, and service. What we provide and how we prepare each Scholar is just the beginning for them to have lives full of infinite possibilities. Our passion is supported by YMWIC’s staff, directors, generous donors, supporters and volunteers. Because of your commitment and tireless efforts, we are able to provide transformative, educational, exciting, and life-changing experiences for each Scholar.

We ask for your continued support as we mold and shape young lives and prepare professionals and productive citizens of our future. We thank you for considering joining us to ensure more K-16 students excel academically. Please give to YMWIC through GivingTuesday. Your support is valued and makes a difference in the lives of our Scholars, their families, and our communities.

We wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Richard Roberts, III
(610) 340-2844

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