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A Program Year of Exciting Growth

A Program Year of Exciting Growth

Quote of the Month

“You are an endless project . . . changing, evolving, surprising.”
— James Patterson, American Author

Message from Our CEO

Greetings, YMWIC Supporters:

Welcome to another promising New Year; again, we thank you for taking this ever-evolving journey with us as we continue assessing and implementing innovative strategies to improve our internal structures and better support our Scholars!

As with every new calendar year at YMWIC, some things will change, and other things have become part of our ongoing Program curriculum. For the latter, we are fast approaching the YMWIC 12th Annual Science Expo on Saturday, March 4, 2023. This is one of the core events of our Foundation, one of the first that was created. We have received so much positive feedback over the years from our Partners who are involved in the Science Expo, our Partner School Districts, the community, parents, and the Scholars themselves, about how enriching the entire Science Project and culminating Expo have impacted our Scholars.

YMWIC Alumni who return to speak to current Scholars often stress the importance of what they learned while completing their Science Projects, collaborating with other Scholars, and making their presentations has helped them immensely in college and in their personal lives. What they learn are real-world skills that can be transferred in every aspect of their lives—academically and professionally.

As we continue to evolve, the Foundation continues to grow. We are excited about the launch of a new Philadelphia Chapter of YMWIC at St. James School in February. We look forward to this new partnership, its successful beginning and a new cadre of Scholars we will serve.

If you believe in our Mission and would like to help us strengthen communities and a talented workforce one Scholar at a time, join us. We would love for you to become a valued volunteer, partner, and/or donor as we work toward a shared goal creating meaningful connections and relationships.

With gratitude,

Richard Roberts, III
(610) 340-2844

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