Our Board


The YMWIC Board is comprised of STEM professionals, business leaders, parents, educators and committed volunteers who share one goal: to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders.

Board of Directors

  • Aaron Cunningham
  • Robin Holland, CPA
  • Michael King
  • Thomas Mapp, Esq.
  • Reginald Motley
  • Richard Roberts, III
  • Vincent Ross
  • Stephen Skoufalos
  • George Smith

Advisory Team

  • George Barrar
  • Jim Baumbach
  • Tanya Baxter
  • Larry Gladney, Ph.D.
  • Stan Herrin
  • Linda Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Richard Luzzi
  • Brian Stocker

Administrative Support and Staff

  • Yolanda Allen
  • Janis Bady
  • Ernie Coleman



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